Collection: Fox 40 Whistles

Established over three decades ago, Fox 40 set an industry benchmark by innovating the world's most reliable and efficient whistle. Initially designed for referees, these ground-breaking whistles quickly found application among professionals in law enforcement, fire and rescue services, as well as in aquatic safety and individual use. Notably, Fox 40 Pealess Whistles deliver an unmatched performance—incapable of being overblown, they emit an exceptionally loud sound that carries over a mile, functioning flawlessly where electronic communication devices often fail. The brand's diverse product line has expanded beyond whistles to include Whistle Attachments, Fox 40 Gear, SmartCoach Pro Coaching Boards, Mouthguards, and Outdoor+Marine products. Endorsed by esteemed organizations such as the NBA, NFL, and NCAA, Fox 40 whistles have been the sound heard in world-class tournaments, including multiple Olympics and World Cups, solidifying their position as the preeminent choice in both sport and safety markets.