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Amscan Premium Orange Construction Worker Vest, Adult Size #8401953

Amscan Premium Orange Construction Worker Vest, Adult Size #8401953

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Build a great Halloween costume with a Construction Worker Vest for adults as a base!

  • VIBRANT ORANGE VISIBILITY: Stand out on job sites and DIY projects with the Premium Orange Construction Worker Vest - 1 piece, ensuring optimal safety and high visibility in all work environments.
  • DURABLE POLYESTER MATERIAL: Crafted from high-quality polyester, this adult-sized vest is designed for long-lasting wear, withstanding tough outdoor conditions, and providing enduring comfort throughout the day.
  • VERSATILE FOR JOB SITES & DIY PROJECTS: The ideal choice for construction, traffic, industrial workers, and DIY enthusiasts, this vest offers reliable safety and practicality for various work activities and settings.
  • CONVENIENTLY WASHABLE: You can easily wash and maintain the crisp, clean look of your construction worker vest, keeping it fresh for daily wear and extending its lifespan for multiple work sites or projects.
  • MAXIMIAZE SAFETY & EFFICIENCY: Invest in this Premium Orange Construction Worker Vest to enhance your visibility, protect yourself in busy work areas, and streamline your workflow with ease and style.

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