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Aurora Plush Toys

Aurora Adorable Palm Pals "Boyd Tomato" Stuffed Animal

Aurora Adorable Palm Pals "Boyd Tomato" Stuffed Animal

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Get ready to meet Boyd Tomato, the blushing charmer of the Palm Pals by Aurora plush collection, who will show you just how red tomato can truly turn! Boyd often is a textbook overthinker who has the occasional awkward moment, but don't let that fool you – all the pals absolutely adore having Boyd around. With a determination to appear calm and composed, Boyd's unwavering loyalty means they'll stick by your side through thick and thin, no matter how rosy-cheeked and flustered they may become. A perfect fit for your palm, Boyd Tomato captures your heart with an irresistibly cute blend of red and green, a playful embodiment of Palm Pals style. Join the spirited gathering and collect Boyd along with all the Palm Pals – an invitation to a #palmpalsparty where endearing characters, endless laughter, and unforgettable connections await, reminding you that even the quirkiest moments can turn into the most cherished memories!

Step into a world of charm, charisma, and cuteness with Palm Pals – the ultimate plush brand. These fun-sized characters are ready to be your new besties, each boasting a quirky personality. With new characters regularly joining the Palm Pals party, the fun never ends! Collect your favorites, from animals to foods, and watch your Palm Pals family grow. These wee-sized plushies are big on making new friends along with letting their diverse personalities shine when you collect them all. Join the Palm Pals party and let the festivities begin!

  • This plush is approx. 5" x 4.5" x 4" in size
  • I am made from deluxe materials for a cloud-like softness!
  • I fit in the palm of your hand!
  • I am one of many Palm Pal friends in the #palmpalsparty, collect us all!
  • I hold bean pellets suitable for all ages to ensure my quality and stability.
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