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Gift Republic: Adopt a Big Cat #GR100024

Gift Republic: Adopt a Big Cat #GR100024

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Choose to adopt any one of four endangered species of big cats for 12 months. Adopting a big cat will assist The People's Trust for Endangered Species, a registered charity which helps big cats throughout the world by conserving their habitats and protecting them from poachers. Decide which species to adopt and then register the gift by following the simple instructions. A personalized supporter certificate and color photograph will follow in the post and, as an official supporter, you will receive regular conservation updates directly from the charity. Inside the gift box is a Welcome letter, a Your Gift Explained sheet, gift registration details, Big Cats at Risk booklet, information about The People's Trust for Endangered Species, an A3 wall map picturing the big cats and a Presentation certificate. After registration you will receive a color photo of your chosen big cat and a personalized supporter certificate, dispatched within 28 days of the registration details being received. You will also receive newsletters directly from the charity, giving the latest news of its projects, achievements and animal conservation plans for the future.

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