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Warlord Games The Roman Invasion of Britain #101510001

Warlord Games The Roman Invasion of Britain #101510001

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In 43 AD the Roman army landed on the south coast of a small island called Britain seeking to add this latest territory to Emperor Claudius’ vast empire – an empire that already spanned much of the known world.

The Roman Invasion of Britain starter set contains:

    Softback A5 Hail Caesar rulebook
    Quick start guide
    80 hard plastic Celtic Infantry
    40 hard plastic Roman Legionaries
    Hard plastic Roman Scorpion catapult & crew
    1 metal Imperial Roman commander on horse
    1 metal Celt chieftain on horse
    Celtic and Roman waterslide shield decals
    Twelve 6-sided dice
    Reference sheet and casualty counters

The Roman forces, spearheaded by the legionaries in their segmented armour and large scutum shields, were highly trained, equipped and disciplined. Backed by the deadly Scorpion catapults how could these barbarians stop them?

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